I was the Viking in Rachel Rech’s “Rabid Nasty &Fiendish” Fashion Show @ Cattivo !!!

292777_378707695530803_819150600_n 310597_378707488864157_997539829_n 394173_378705532197686_325496202_n 403308_378706118864294_1471101176_n 598755_378705838864322_688175861_n252521_378708258864080_627938096_n

Rachel Rech from Trundle Manor (http://www.trundlemanor.com/) put together an amazing fashion show showcasing some of her costumes and muse worthy visions- and wowweee was it fun !!! I was chosen as the Viking (which is super fitting for me haha) and was clad in a fur ensemble and carried around a Claymoore that was almost taller than me! What a fun time being around other talented artists and friends who were handpicked by Rachel. All of these photographs were taken by the talented Michael Kolence who captured the whole event !!! His work can be seen at (http://www.michaelkolence.com/) It was one of the most inspiring, interesting, and artfully put together events that I’ve ever been a part of- ITS SO FUN PLAYING DRESS UP !!!!

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