I revamped a lamp!



I bought this lamp at a garage sale for $10 because I felt bad for it. Two yards, eight zippers, sixteen glue sticks, some paint, detailing, a new light kit, and lots of love later…. and it is a brand new bangin piece of lighting, that stands over four feet tall !!!!!


I started by taking it apart and stripping that awful orange paint that plagued the whole thing.

Then, I painted it glossy black and detailed gold into the ornate parts on the base.

Once that was done, I started to tackle the shade which in itself was huge undertaking. I started by tracing the outline of the panels and patterning out the pieces. Then I started gluing and sewing them in place around the shade and then finished the seams with some edgy looking zippers.

Andy helped too, (he’s a great assistant.) He talked me into starting the project, and also helped me strip some of the paint, rewire, and put it all back together.


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