Picture books I’m digging right now

One of my favorite parts about being a children’s librarian, is the amount of picture books that I read on a weekly basis. I find myself constantly reading picture books, because lets face it…. 32 pages or less with mostly pictures is perfect for someone like me with mild ADD. I really dig a lot of the stories, and the illustrations within the pages are serious works of art brought to life. My favorite part about picture books, is that they provide beautiful little glimpses into the realms of things that I am interested in. It’s no secret that I’ve always been drawn to the odd, macabre, and obscure… picture books are like short sweet little representations of things that I love. I’ve been so into them lately, that I picked out ten that I have read that made me go “WOW!”. Check them out!

Here are my top ten right now:

From left to right…..

  1. Young Charlotte, Film Maker –  by Frank Viva (Author and Illustrator)
  2. Boris and Bella –  by Carolyn Crimi (Author) and Gris Grimly (Illustrator)
  3. Cinderella Skeleton –  by Robert D. San Souci (Author) and David Catrow (Illustrator)
  4. Different like Coco -by Elizabeth Matthews (Author and Illustrator)
  5. Creature Carnival – by  Marilyn Singer (Author) and Gris Grimly (Illustrator)
  6. Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich – by Adam Rex (Author and Illustrator)
  7. Bats at the Beach – by Brian Lies (Author and Illustrator)
  8. Skeleton Cat – by Kristyn Crow (Author) and Dan Krall (Illustrator)
  9. The Spider and the Fly – by Mary Howitt  (Author) and Tony DiTerlizzi (Illustrator)
  10. Working Mummies – by Joan Horton (Author) and Drazen Kozjan (Illustrator) 

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