Natural History lady date!


Sammantha and I spent some time at the Natural History museum checking out their new POISON exhibit! We were blown away by the different varieties and contexts that poison has shown itself over the years. Both naturally and supernaturally. We also wandered the museum marveling at the gemstones, space stuff, taxidermy, and of course – the fossils and dinosaur bones! (just to name a few things..) Every time I go there it feels different – I would live there if I could!





We scored some super rad front row tickets to the Monster Jam ! We were soo close, it seemed dangerous but was seriously one of most epic displays of driving that I’ve ever seen. Grave Digger is my favorite monster truck, and a while ago, I scored this awesome vintage 90’s little boys shirt that I stitched to fit me properly. Andy and I had an amazing time at the Monster Jam, and if you ever get the opportunity to go to one – DO IT!

Day trip to Akron!

AKRON isn’t exactly far from Cleveland or destination worthy in anyone’s book.

However I do believe it’s pretty underrated, and sure was a blast to spend an afternoon in.

It had been a long time since both of us had been to Akron which was the perfect excuse for an impromptu adventure.

We stopped by *The Bomb Shelter* which is this amazing retro / antique / kitsch superstore. Then, got an incredible meal at *The Rail*, which is an all locally sourced burger joint and craft brewery. Then wrapped up the day by visiting  *The Akron Zoo* . I was so amazed by the amazing collections of animals they have in an intimate setting. The best part was, we were some of the only people in the park! I would really recommend checking it out, it was a really pleasant surprise at how cool the Akron Zoo is !

All in all, a super solid day!

Hocking Hills! Hocking Hills!

Two days of tree house cabin living, jacuzzi, cave lurking, hiking, book reading, and music playing with my love – this is the life! Seeing the sights was truly magical, and relaxing in our own little cabin was sooooo coool ! I want to go back !

We also stopped on through Columbus on our way home and checked out THE GRASS SKIRT TIKI ROOM, a gorgeous tiki bar with a sort of cannibalistic twist! The food was great and the drinks were out of the this world! Then we stopped into USED KIDS RECORDS, one of the best record stores around!

What a vacation!