Found treasures

Spent some time in my studio today making some pieces from found treasues


Shadow Boxing!

Spent the afternoon putting together these spooky shadowboxes!!!

I had gotten this Rhinolophus bat a while back, and mounted it on some coffin fabric.

 I spray painted the shadowboxes, and added this ornate frame on the front to make it look snazzy.

The second shadowbox is a collection of roses from my mister that I have dried out and arranged within the shadowbox. I also embellished the outside with some trim and added a frame to the top.

I’d like to sell things like this if anybody is interested 🙂

contact me and let’s talk :


Shelf Revamp!



This thing was pretty rough when I pulled it out of the trash. It was rusty, musty, and seriously lacking any personality.

All that it really took to revamp this was some sanding, spray paint, and lots of love. The edges are lined with zippers, its studded, and the back is lined with spiderweb lace. 

Overall I think it looks worlds better, and has definitely earned its place in my spooky shack