I’m now certified in Mental Health First Aid!

You guys!!!… I recently got a three year certification to be a Mental Health First Aid initial response person to individuals having episodes of anxiety, mania, suicide, psychosis, disorders, and substance abuse…. These are really heavy topics, but the way to handle someone struggling is a lot easier than you think.! There are so many free resources, conversational/ situational tools, and prevention tactics available at a moment’s notice. The right information might make a difference to you, someone you know, or to somebody you might meet in the future! ♡♡♡

For more information on you can get the information to help yourself or somebody,

visit the Mental Health First Aid  site to learn more!



Coming in 2017, I’m launching my store!

Happy New Years!!! I’m super excited to announce that I will be launching my etsy site soon!!!! Looking forward to making my small business dreams finally happen. Stay tuned for macabre miscellany and fashion accessories from yours truly. ♥♥♥


Myopia! @ Moca Cleveland





we had the pleasure of going to see Mark Mothersbaugh from DEVO’s event Myopia at MOCA here in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio. He had a concert featuring *The Six Sided Keyboard* and a dance party afterwards – his art is comprised of Devo and non Devo works, it was such a fun event and we saw so many pals! all in all a great start to summer! ❤


I had the pleasure of touring think[box] this afternoon here in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio! It’s right down the road from me, and is a hub of maker innovation at Case Western University. It’s been three years since I graduated college, and I’ve really missed being a *shop* type of environment where magic is always happening. It’s contagious being around other people working on their projects and seeing their creations come to life. And did I mention that think[box] is free and open to the public!?!? Today marks a new age of me getting back into designing and making STUFF! For fun and for making products that I’ve been thinking about lately. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside, but here are some pics of the brochure and a video of Adam Savage of Mythbusters briefly touring inside with my buddy Ian who is the founder of Temple of Tesla!

For more info on think[box] click here! 

Solar *Art*!

I’m doing a Solar Power program at work, and am trying out this new Solar Paper that I’ll be using with the kids to make *ART*.The SunPrint Solar Paper lets you make pictures by placing objects on the paper and exposing it to the sun. The paper undergoes a chemical change when exposed to sunlight. Then it is soaked in water and is done! I did this quick composition out of various leaves, twigs, and rocks that I found in our garden

First Time Fermenting!

I’ve recently gotten a big *self sufficiency* bug, and have especially become interested in fermenting food. I’ve learned A LOT about the process, numerous health and nutritional benefits, and overall I think it turned out pretty tasty! I made this first batch with purple cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic – it’s flavorful and crunchy, so all in all a huge win! there really wasn’t too much to it, I bought a fermenting crock with a vaccuum lid, soaked the cabbage and veggies in salt, and basically waited for almost two weeks. That’s it! Pretty proud of myself on this one and can’t wait to start a new batch!