Mini Maker Faire Cleveland

Luckily my job RULES, and sends me to a bunch of fun things to check out. I was sent to attend Cleveland’s Mini Maker Faire this Saturday. There were a lot of really cool exhibits, ranging from sound artists to game designers. There was some really great things to experience, but I am sad to report that unfortunately it’s gotten smaller in size over the last three years. All in all though, a really fun day to spend at Cleveland Public Library and a good excuse to wander around  downtown on a beautiful day.

European Adventure Times!!!


Spent the last twelve days of traveling around in the Mediterranean!!!

Spent two days in Barcelona, Spain -then hopped on our cruise ship that went to Sicily, Naples, Rome & Pisa (Italy), Marseilles (France), and then ended in Mallorca, (Spain)

Europe was magical. A surreal experience in so many ways.

Everything is soo old (sometimes ancient), crazy huge in terms of scale, and ornate beyond the wildest of dreams.

The culture, food, and people were all so unique to their places.

Words will never be able to describe my trip, so I took a zillion pictures instead!!!

Ps, my top 5 of the trip was:
1) Seeing an orchestral concert inside of the Caves of Drach – Mallorca, Spain

2) Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres  -the funeral carriage and hearse museum in Barcelona, Spain

3) the ancient ruins of Pompeii – Napoli, Italy

4) the Colloseum, Catacombs, and Rome, Italy in general

5) the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla St of Barcelona, Spain

Ps Pisa was pretty cool too!

If you’re interested in seeing more pictures in my album, CLICK HERE!

Library Card Sign Up Month Display

My library is participating in September is National Library Card Sign Up Month and I made this display to promote it!



September Is National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

Libraries in Cuyahoga County are celebrating National Library Card Sign Up month (September 1-30) with the Card for Every Kid campaign! A Card for Every Kid aims to put a library card into the hands of every child under 18 in Cuyahoga County.

You can celebrate with Cuyahoga County libraries in two ways:

  1. Get your child a new library card. It’s easy: just stop in at your local library!
  2. If your child already has a card but has fines, bring your child to your library to have those fines forgiven.

Fine forgiveness is a one-time benefit of the campaign.

Visit your community library starting September 1, and help us make sure every kid in Cuyahoga County has a library card.

Parents, please help us learn about kids and library cards by taking our brief survey.  You can get $5 off your fines!

and to learn more click here