Rockabilly Ruckus 2016!


Shadow Boxing!

Spent the afternoon putting together these spooky shadowboxes!!!

I had gotten this Rhinolophus bat a while back, and mounted it on some coffin fabric.

 I spray painted the shadowboxes, and added this ornate frame on the front to make it look snazzy.

The second shadowbox is a collection of roses from my mister that I have dried out and arranged within the shadowbox. I also embellished the outside with some trim and added a frame to the top.

I’d like to sell things like this if anybody is interested 🙂

contact me and let’s talk :


Adult Fiction that I’m digging right now

Here’s a *Top Ten* of Adult Non Fiction that I’ve read lately

  1. Famous monster movie art of Basil Gogos 
  2. Smugglers Cove
  3. The Oldest Living Things in the World
  4. The Little Free Library book : Books in action

Hotel Transylvania 2 @ Coventry Library



Work is never dull, we are always up to something fun!

Heights Library and Coventry Series teamed up and hosted an outdoor screening of

HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2 !!!!! Which is an awesome kids friendly coming of age film.

I spent the evening making bat crafts with kids and passed out a bunch of freebies to our patrons.

Once it got dark, families were able to watch the movie on the huge outdoor screen.

All in all, a pretty fun night!