My 28th Birthday!

I had a splendid birthday this year! Can’t believe I’ve been alive for 10,220 days

Had a lovely day lurking the cemetery, going to Paladar for lunch, day drinking and building legos at the dock, and watching the fireworks from our boat! What an amazing day 🙂

It’s my birthday! 27 times around the sun!


Today is my 27th birthday!!! Spending it with my loves at our new boat dock. Having the best day ever!!!!


My parents got a boat dock out in Mentor Lagoons to keep their boat. It’s kind of like having a front porch on the lake. Andy an I have been spending tons of time down there day drinking, chilling by the water, and taking naps in the hammock. We ended up staying down here all weekend for my birthday celebrations – Best Birthday Ever!


It’s My 26th Birthday !

Being born on the fourth of july is just one among many things that makes me prettttyyyyy special. This year, my family had a small party for me.  Then,  Andy and I went to one of my favorite places – PICKLE BILLS ! If you have never, been – GO! It is a wacky wonderland inside and I want to live there soo bad. Then we headed to Headlands beach and watched the sunset, then saw some fireworks  !!!

I have a good feeling about this year.

It’s my birthday ! My 9125 th day on EARTH

Today, is my quarter of a century birthday. I’ve been on earth for 9125 days! It sure goes by fast. Had a splendid day going on birthday cemetery picnics with Andy, and spent the evening with my pals at Trundle Manor – we were able to see fireworks over the city on the rooftop and gosh, it was such a swell time ! I love being born on the fourth of july. ❤