My new job!


I am ecstatic to announce that I am beginning a new job and forging a new path in my life. After much post graduate / moving back to Cleveland confusion of what “I want to do”, I have finally found a long term solution. A lot of my friends are librarians, and it had never occured to me to pursue this path, ever, until pretty recently… I was already spending a lot of time at the library – doing research, taking advantage of their numerous offerings, and genuinely just being interested in learning everything I can. Then, I saw they had a position open, the interview was FUN and for the first time in a long time, I felt really genuine about explaining my experiences and qualifications for such a position.  And here I am now, about to start a new career as a Youth Services Associate @ Heights Libraries! The best part, it’s a part time position 20-28 hours per week, they are a FIVE STAR Library, and is very close to my house. Looking back at a list I made earlier this year of “what my dream job is” – being able to be creative, learn, grow, flexibility, and a short commute were very high on my list. I look forward to this opportunity and definitely feel like “everything happens for a reason”, because this awesome job really has no limits. My infinite love for libraries, and my constant thirst for learning are part of a lovely balance of *work* and finding time to spend in my art studio.

Beginning in March I will be working at Specter Studios !!!

Beginning in March I will be working at Specter Studios !!!



All of my dreams are finally coming true ! I recently got hired on at Specter Studios for their upcoming production season (starting in March) !! Gal Pal Rachel Rech and I will be sewing costumes and monster suits and making super cool stuff !! So ecstatic to be working on their insanely talented team of FX artist- CHECK IT OUT @ !!!!!!!!!!! thanks to my friends and family for believing in me !!! ❤