Cool SCENE Article I was mentioned in about Halloween !

SCENE ARTICLE by Nikki Delamotte

Make Your Masquerade: From Scary to Seductive to High Tech, A Guide to DIY Halloween Costuming Around Town


Halloween’s mystique has always been the ability to create your own fantasy. Playing dress-up during the witching hour is at once both sexy and sinister, a chance to indulge in peculiarities by our own hand. Habitually teasing the twisted line of macabre and camp, costumes are the best extension of imagination when made on intimate accord and these days we’re more equipped than ever to do it ourselves.

“You’d be surprised what kinds of tricks you can pull out of your hat just by thinking outside of the box,” quips Cassandra Anselmi, better referenced by her prop, costume and make-up production guise, Castle Spooktacular. “Some of the best costumes aren’t necessarily the most elaborate and as long as you have a pattern, you can pretty much do anything.”

Thrift stores are her starting grounds, noting, “There’s a lot ready to be destroyed and repurposed. When I’m looking for something like leather or fur, I’ve cut it out of thrift store jackets.”

Those up for the digging can find Unique Thrift on the east and west sides of town, and in the Waterloo Arts District, This Way Out, Star Pop and Blue Arrow Records stake claim to a mixed bag of offbeat goods.

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