Finished concepts and First test fitting


Finished concepts and First test fitting

did a quick test fitting of retro robot accessories on my pal @motorglam, this was just to see how things fit in proportion to her face

Work In Progress: Retro Robot 3D Glasses


Since the last post, I have mounted the LEDs and switches¬† inside of the glasses, added some filters for the “3D” effect, custom fit the iris mechanisms inside of those metal rings, and did a test with the eyelashes and cat eye pieces. (those parts specifically still need some tweaking but they’re starting to look pretty neato! ) More to come soon..

Work In Progress: Retro Robot 3D Glasses – Lighting, Switches, Diodes, and Dimmers! w/ Jonathan Hodges

RETRO ROBOT 3D GLASSES PROGRESS:  I spent the day with electrical space wizard Jonathan Hodges (Echo Lightwave Unspeakable)- he drew up the schematic to light these glasses and verbally guided me through the process explaining which wires go where and why. Jonathan is an electricity wizard! His knowledge is unlike anything of this world! He builds handmade synthesizers, pedals, amps, Рdude is a legit mad scientist for sure !!!  (check out his stuff @ These are set up with a switch for each side and a joint dimmer that controls the brightness. In addition to the LEDS, I am going to be adding Lumilite around the rims of these specs- this is a work in progress- more to come soon !!